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We are a community working together to protect our neighborhood from harmful urban sprawl. Join us in our mission to preserve Pine Creek Village for future generations. Sign up below to get involved today!


Our initiatives include educating our community about the impact of urban development in our area, advocating for responsible development, and promoting sustainable growth. We believe that together, we can make a difference.

Legal Action

A member of our community has taken the initiative to start a GoFundMe campaign to engage legal support. The retainer fee to get us through the major parts of the battle is $10,000. Please visit the link below if you're interested in supporting and to learn more information.

Any unused unused funds will be donated to Care and Share.

Funding goal reached! Thank you to those who donated!

Join a research team

We've created different lines of effort for individuals within the community to contribute their expertise or research skills. Please reach out if you would like to contribute or have knowledge on the potential impacts in the following topics:

- Environment

- Infrastructure

- Safety

- Legal

- Traffic

- Amenities

- Information / Communication

- Impact to HOAs / Businesses nearby

If you want to join a research team on one of the listed topics or have information to provide, please contact us with the form below. 

Make your voice heard

The most impact we can have in the future of this development is making our voices heard and our presence known. There are two primary ways you can be heard:

1. Email city leaders. We encourage you to take a moment and reach out to your city leaders to express your concerns and ask questions. By engaging with them directly, we can collectively work towards positive changes and address the issues that matter to us all.

Contact Information:

All of City Council

Randy Helms, Council President, District 2

Logan Hubble, Planner II

Steve Posey, Chief Housing Officer

2. Show up. Be present at any public city events or meetings you are able to attend to voice your questions or concerns. It makes a huge impact to show city leaders we want to be involved. See the timeline and news feed for the latest updates on events.

Participate in our Traffic Study

We are continuing to monitor the application process of the Royal Pine Apartments which is still being reviewed by the Planning Department. A key concern we have is the additional 600+ new residents and vehicles will create a traffic safety hazard, especially if there is a fast moving wildfire that provides little notice for evacuation. 


We need the community's help to conduct a simple test of traffic flow at the single lane roundabout on Royal Pine and Purple Plum. We would like to have a minimum of 200 vehicles (3% of PCVA vehicles) to demonstrate traffic congestion at the roundabout and left turn onto Union puts PCVA residents and homeowners at risk of death or severe injury. 

WHO: Pine Creek Residents

WHAT: Traffic Congestion Study

WHEN: Saturday, 16 December, 9:30-10:30 am

WHERE: See map for staging points:

   1. Dentist Office

   2. Private Park

   3. Purple Plum/Apple Hill Ct

   4. Heart Wood/Royal Pine

WHY: The concerned neighbors of Preserve Pine Creek Village want to determine if increased traffic will increase dangers to PCVA residents.


Please sign up if you would like to participate and to select a staging point. We'll remove staging points from the options once there are an adequate amount of vehicles.

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